Remote patient monitoring with VedaPulse® telemedicine solutions – fast, accurate, without contact


With the global pandemic spreading, health practitioners face new challenges of being exposed to patients with infection, and the tools for remote health monitoring are becoming a necessity. VedaPulse® strives to help our customers in this situation and update the software for the VedaPulse® Home device to support CAM specialists all over the world by providing a solution that keeps them in touch with clients during the lockdown.

One of the major tasks of VedaPulse® company is to ensure the safety of its clients. The best thing we can do today is to provide the VedaPulse® Professional users with telemedicine tools to continue their practice remotely. In November, every VedaPulse® Professional user can add Telemetry module free of charge that allows swift cloud service-based communication with VedaPulse® Home.

VedaPulse® Home was designed specifically for remote patient monitoring. By providing your patients with these devices, correct therapeutic recommendations based on an objective information about the patient’s current health condition. Work with remote assessments just like you do it in your office!

What’s new?

New multilingual version.
More than 3000 specialists in 59 countries all over the globe already use VedaPulse® technology with their patients. To make it easier and more convenient for our clients to use the program, we translated it into different languages: Russian, Arabic, English, Italian, German, Indian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Finnish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Serbian, Chinese, Hebrew.

How does it work?

When the order is placed, we deliver VedaPulse® Home to your client’s door via courier service.

When the device is received, the client gets free online training with VedaPulse® technical consultant to learn how to use the device and work with the Telemetry module.

Assessment data is transferred to the specialist via cloud service through the VedaPulse® Home software and patients receive corrected recommendations based on test results.

Never miss an assessment sent to you by your patient again! All thanks to automated email notifications that are sent immediately when the new assessment arrives.

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