Expert extension "Physio Therapy - Quantum Therapy"

Expert extension Quantum Therapy is designed for professionals working in the field of traditional (complementary, integrative) medicine. It allows creating individual physiotherapeutic recommendations for the quantum treatment based on the VedaPulse assessment.

Expert extension Physio Therapy - Quantum Therapy expands capabilities of practicing professionals, who have already been using physiotherapy. At the same time, it will be a simple way to master it, for those who only plan to introduce physical therapy into their practice.

It is the first time that such a personalized approach to physical therapy was implemented in local and world practice. When a standard approach to physiotherapy takes into account only the disease and uses common to all patients treatment zones, the Physical Therapy - Quantum Therapy module takes into account all of the following: specific diseases, current functional status and psycho-physiological constitution of the person. We offer a personalized solution which takes into account the individual characteristics of the client instead of a formal approach. Detailed Atlas of treatment zones makes the application easier. The work starts with a five-minute assessment on the VedaPulse Professional. Then the Software automatically creates physiotherapeutic recommendations.

When creating a recipe choose one of the following options:

The first option is perfect for disease prevention in healthy people and people with insignificant functional disorders. Exposure according to the proposed recommendations will improve current functional state and initiate healing. The second option is used when there is a specific condition. It also uses an individual approach in the selection of exposure zones. For example, exposure zones in hypertension will be different for different patients. Physiotherapeutic recipe describes zones’ location, frequency and time of exposure. Interactive image of a human body shows the location of exposure zones. Put the mouse to the selected zone to see its location and method of exposure. Recommendations can be saved in RTF format. Algorithm of the expert extension Physio Therapy - Quantum Therapy takes into account methodical recommendations used in physiotherapy of the Healthcare Ministry of the Russian Federation, traditions of Chinese medicine and constitutional approach of Ayurvedic medicine. It is recommended to use together with the polyfactorial (laser-magneto-infrared) device for quantum therapy VedaQuantum.

Additionally we recommend the following expert extensions to control the dynamics of the rehabilitation process during the course of quantum physical therapy:

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