First international online Congress on pulse diagnosis PROPULSE 2019 Summary


On November 2, participants from 42 countries joined the online broadcast of the first international online Congress PROPULSE 2019 to listen to the 9 world-class experts on instrumental and classical palpatory pulse diagnosis in Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine.

Dr.Vasant Lad

dr. Vasant Lad propulse 2019 Special guest - master of Ayurveda (MASc), bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAM&S) from the University of Pune Dr.Vasant Lad - presented the report which raised high response among participants. The author of numerous books, Dr. Vasant Lad is respected and recognized by Ayurveda specialists all over the world. Dr. Vasant Lad has written 11 books on Ayurveda, published hundreds of articles and other works. He shared his great experience of reading 7 levels of pulse with the participants of the Congress in the lecture "Secrets of pulse diagnosis".

Dr. Oleg Sorokin

dr. Oleg Sorokin propulse 2019 Executive Director of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association of Russia, PhD, specialist in acupuncture, herbal medicine and Ayurveda, founder of the "VedaPulse", "VedaEducation", "VedaGenetics" и "VedaBiotics" projects Dr. Oleg Sorokin presented the report "7 main rules of working with the VedaPulse system". "VedaPulse" is a modern complex of instrumental pulse diagnosis, providing a specialist with a complete holistic view of the current state of a person after a 5-10 minute examination. In his lecture Dr. Oleg Sorokin described in detail how to analyze the functional state of a person with the "VedaPulse" technology .

Dr. Ram P. Manohar

dr. Ram Manohar propulse 2019 Research Director at Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda (Kerala, India) Dr. Ram P. Manohar reviewed the authentic method of palpatory pulse diagnosis and shared examples of his teachers and gurus of pulse reading, in the lecture "Historical overview of the pulse diagnosis method and its place in modern Ayurvedic practice".

Dr. Partap Chauhan

dr. Partap Chauhan propulse 2019 Dr. Partap Chauhan, Indian Ayurvedic physician, Founder of Jiva Ayurveda; Winner of UN’s World Summit Award for his Teledoc project on rural medicine; Member of the Advisory Committee, Ministry of Health, Government of India; Pioneer in the field of Ayurvedic telemedicine presented the report "Modern possibilities of telemetry in the supervision of Ayurvedic patients".

Dr. Narayanan Nambi

dr. Narayan Nambi propulse 2019 Dr. Narayanan Nambi, BAMS, MD (Ayu), MRAP (Italy), PhD, the successor of a great lineage of Ashtavaidyas, or the Ayurvedic families of Kerala presented the report "Role of pulse diagnosis in Ayurvedic examination system "Ashta Vidya Pariksha"", where revealed the 8 traditional steps of a patient’s examination in Ayurveda.

Dr. Cornelis Peters

dr. Cornelis Peters propulse 2019 Dr. Cornelis Peters, Director of Europa Ayurveda Centrum (Netherlands), author of a number of scientific studies on the properties of medicinal plants analyzed the mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease from the point of view of Ayurvedic science, in the lecture “How to reverse the development of Alzheimer's disease, restoring metabolic dysfunction with the help of Ayurveda”.

Professor Vaidya Shekhar Annambhotla

dr. Vaidya  Shekhar Annambhotla propulse 2019 Professor Vaidya Shekhar Annambhotla, BAMS, MD-Ayurveda, DAM, AD, LMT with more than 30 years of experience as an Ayurvedic physician presented the report "Ayurvedic Pulse Technique (APT) (Naadi Vignyan) in Clinical Practice".

Dr. Nitin Agrawal

dr. Nitin Agrawal propulse 2019 Dr. Nitin Agrawal, BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) from Rishikul Ayurvedic Medical College, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India, presented a practical guide to the objective selection of individual functional nutrition program in the lecture "School of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis for individual selection of supplements".

Svilen K. Georgiev

dr. Svilen K Georgiev propulse 2019 Svilen K. Georgiev, Executive Managing Director at Holistic Center Quantum Consciousness, MD, a specialist in complementary medicine, Neuro Coaching, Ayurvedic Psychology of Treatment, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Quantum therapy, shared the results of the study in the lecture "Monitoring of students' energy centers before and after meditation practice using the VedaPulse device".


The organizers of the Congress are VedaPulse company and educational project on traditional medicine VedaEducation.

If you missed the online Congress, you still have a chance to order recordings of all the lectures now and watch the recordings at your convenience: