Wellness and SPA configuration
  • Wellness and SPA configuration

We offer an exclusive configuration of the VedaPulse system designed for SPA specialists, sauna or bath owners, managers and steam practitioners. VedaPulse technology allows understanding the current health condition of the client, assessing stress and energy levels. Within 5 minutes, you will automatically see optimal humidity and temperature environment for a client, as well as mode of steaming according to the current psychophysiological state of a person and his constitutional peculiarities, then assess before and after results. Make thermal treatment really client-specific!

  • Data entry device – computer accessory VedaPulse Professional
  • Basic software “Academic”
  • Expert module “Constitution”
  • Expert module “Bioenergy”
  • Expert module “Diet”
  • Expert module ”Termo Therapy”
  • Expert module “Herbal Encyclopedia”
  • Expert module “VedaMinerals”

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Wellness and SPA configuration

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