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“Thermal therapy”

‘Thermal therapy’ is a software module developed for ‘VedaPulse Professional’ device. The module is developed to provide personified recommendations on the optimal temperature-humidity mode (‘comfort zone’) and the steaming mode for the steaming room with the consideration of the current psycho-physiological state of a person and his constitution features data, obtained by processing the cardiointervalogram recording.
‘Thermal Therapy’ module is recommended for both - professional steamers practicing in saunas and SPA complexes, and for those fond of steaming, for carrying out health beneficial steaming procedures. The main innovation of this module is the algorithmic integration of hardware pulse diagnosis data with traditional and modern knowledge on the processes going on in a person’s body during steaming, which allows giving objective recommendations based on the individual features of a person’s health.
«Thermal therapy»

Software module ‘Thermal Therapy’ has two sections:

‘Temperature-humidity mode’

This section provides recommendations on temperature-humidity mode for steaming room in accordance with constitution-determined tendencies of a person identified within pulse diagnosis.

‘Steaming mode’

This section provides recommendations on different thermal techniques based on usage of bathing brooms, as well as contrast procedures, in accordance with constitution-determined tendencies of a person identified within pulse diagnosis.

‘Temperature-humidity mode’

For choosing the optimal temperature-humidity mode, or ‘comfort zone’, there are 9 modes presented in the two-axis plane (X – temperature axis, Y- relative humidity axis) - each mode represents different combinations of humidity and temperature as well as a ‘Balanced’ mode with the sum of humidity and temperature close to 120.

Each mode has its own name, reflecting the nature of the environment you get with the mode.

Russian stove (30-50 °C, 20-40%)
Desert (50-70 °C, 20-40%)
Sauna (70-90 °C and higher 20-40%)
Subtropics (30-50 °C, 40-70%)
Russian sauna (50-70 °C, 40-70%)
Extreme (70-90 °C and higher, 40-70%)
Hammam (30-50 °C, 70-90%)
Tropics (50-70 °C, 70-90%)
Superextreme (70-90 °C and higher, 70-90%)

In accordance with the type of constitution of a person identified by pulse diagnosis, one or more optimal ranges of humidity and temperature would get selected with the boundaries highlighted by dots. Thus, the selected temperature- humidity mode helps to eliminate the imbalances detected and relieve tension. At the same time, you get recommendations on the duration of the exposure to different temperature-humidity modes.

Aroma-rating*The screenshot displays interface of the module

‘Steaming mode’

For choosing the optimal steaming mode, there are 5 zones allocated in a two-axis plane (X axis – tension of the regulation systems, Y axis- - level of vital energy) represented by different combinations of regulation systems indicators and the level of vital energy, identified within the pulse diagnosis carried out.

Each zone corresponds to a certain steaming mode:

  • ‘Intensive steaming’
  • ‘Active steaming’
  • ‘Classic steaming’
  • ‘Energy balancing steaming’
  • 'Energy restoring steaming’

The recommendations offer a variety of brooming techniques, including simple movements with the broom, impact techniques, vortex movements, contact, non-contact, massaging and other complex movements, as well as their frequency, amplitude and the force of impact. In addition, recommendations on the choice of contrast procedures are given.

Organ Pulses*The screenshot displays recommendations in accordance with constitution-determined tendencies

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