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VedaPulse for
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialists

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VedaPulse for TCM specialist is an objective help in decision-making. The kit is made taking into account the needs of practitioners.

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The package of TCM specialists kit includes: VedaPulse Professional device, electrodes for signal registration, signal cable for connecting electrodes, USB cable for connecting to a computer, USB key, 8 software modules.

For tcm practice

VedaPulse Professional is the only expert system for assessing the energy level of 12 meridians based on canonical TCM approaches, individual selection of acupuncture and non-invasive recipes for biological active points (BAP) stimulation, forming of herbal therapeutic recipes and visual comparison of the patient's condition before and after therapeutic exposure.

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More than 5,000 specialists of TCM, Ayurveda and naturopathy from 60 countries all round the world use VedaPulse practically on a daily basis. With the author's VedaPulse algorithms, you will be confident in choosing biologically active points for treatment by acupuncture methods. In addition to the BAP stimulation, select therapeutical herbs in accordance with Materia Medica, adjust the biorhythms of clients, expand your toolkit with EHF therapy. You will find the list of software modules for this offer below. They have been carefully selected to help the specialists achieve the best results.

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