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VedaPulse for
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialists

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VedaPulse for TCM specialist is an objective help in decision-making. The kit is made taking into account the needs of practitioners.

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The package of TCM specialists kit includes: VedaPulse Professional device, electrodes for signal registration, signal cable for connecting electrodes, USB cable for connecting to a computer, USB key, 8 software modules.

For tcm practice

VedaPulse Professional is an expert system for assessing the energy level of 12 meridians based on canonical TCM approaches, individual selection of acupuncture and non-invasive recipes for biological active points (BAP) stimulation, forming of herbal therapeutic recipes and visual comparison of the patient's condition before and after therapeutic exposure.

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Kit contains

More than 5,000 specialists of TCM, Ayurveda and naturopathy from 60 countries all round the world use VedaPulse practically on a daily basis. With the author's VedaPulse algorithms, you will be confident in choosing biologically active points for treatment by acupuncture methods. In addition to the BAP stimulation, select therapeutical herbs in accordance with Materia Medica, adjust the biorhythms of clients, expand your toolkit with EHF therapy. You will find the list of software modules for this offer below. They have been carefully selected to help the specialists achieve the best results.

  • VedaPulse Professional device
  • Academic software module (basic software)

    Analyze the heart rate variability (HRV) indicators.

  • Constitution software module

    Analyze the body constitution from the perspective of TCM, Ayurveda and clinical physiology. Assess the body's regulatory systems. Evaluate core health indices - level of metabolic and psychophysiological stress, integral state of the immune system and aging rate.

  • Organ Pulses/Meridians software module

    Analyze the state of the 12 main functional systems, which are commonly referred to by the term Meridians in TCM, assess the energy potential of each of the 12 functional systems (organs).

  • Acupuncture software module

    Form acupuncture recipes taking into account TCM syndromes (syndromes of Emptiness of Qi energy, Emptiness of Yang, Yin Emptiness, Blood Emptiness, Energy Stagnation, Blood Stagnation, Excess Yang, Accumulation of Sputum and Dampness, Accumulation of Sputum and Heat).

  • Foot massage software module

    Make a detailed illustrated individual recipe for the BAP stimulation at home (with the help of Chinese wellness massage of the foot reflex zones), that any patient can use by themselves.

  • Auriculotherapy software module

    Create a recipe so as to stimulate the auricle points for therapeutic and wellness purposes, taking into account the individual constitution of a patient and their meridional balance, get recommendations on the choice of BAP, taking into account the "principal" ear.

  • Biorhythms software module

    Synchronize internal and external biorhythms based on TCM algorithms ("Zi wu Liu Zhu" and "Lin Gui ba fa"). With the help of the acupuncture points atlas, containing information on 361 points. Determine the open points based on the 60-day Jia Zi cycle and include them in the final personalized acupuncture recipe.

  • Herbal Encyclopedia software module

    Make personalized herbal blends for a patient based on mathematical algorithms that take into account the canonical description of medicinal plants from the perspective of Chinese herbology (for each plant, the program indicates taste, energy, affinity to meridians, action, in which TCM syndromes it works effectively, and other features).

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