TCM configuration
  • TCM configuration

Acupuncture is sometimes undervalued. Not anymore! With precise VedaPulse® algorithms, be confident in choosing biologically active points for treatment, automatically pick the herbs for therapy according to Materia Medica, tune clients' biorithms, explore new paths in your practice with hightly effective EHF (extremely high frequency) therapy. All you need is 5 minutes and all your decisions are supported with VedaPulse®!

  • Data entry device – computer accessory VedaPulse Professional
  • Basic software “Academic”
  • Expert module “Constitution”
  • Expert module "Organ pulses" (Meridians)
  • Expert module “Auriculotherapy”
  • Expert module “Foot massage”
  • Expert module “Acupuncture”
  • Expert module “Biorhythms”
  • Expert module “Herbal Encyclopedia”

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TCM configuration

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