What is VedaPulse®?

VedaPulse is an expert system that allows a health consultant to perform an express test of functional state of the body, evaluate stress level and provide individual recommendations for rehabilitation including diet, food supplements, aromatherapy, herbs and correction of lifestyle.

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Who can benefit from it?

Early career

VedaPulse is a young practitioner’s helper, which contains a unique knowledge database about aroma, herbal and nutrition therapy:

  • Expert algorithms automatically select individual rehabilitation program with due consideration of the person’s constitution;
  • The system allows for immediate use of theoretical knowledge received during comprehensive training;
  • Educational materials, webinars and seminars are provided to improve your skills and find lots of new ideas for your practice;
  • Implement genetics analysis to your practice without special education. Develop with VedaPulse!


VedaPulse is a platform for optimal work of a naturopathy specialist, which objectively supports your decisions elated to your clients’ health. VedaPulse for you practice is:

  • Modern technology that favorably distinguish you from your competitors;
  • Receive more in shorter time – assessment takes only 5-8 minutes;
  • Wide range of treatment modalities for naturopaths to help mastering new trends in rehabilitation;
  • The shortest way to connect to the worldwide community of professionals in traditional medicine.
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What is VedaPulse’s unique offer?

VedaPulse offers 20 tools (modules) for optimal work of the specialists in different specialties of traditional health systems.


Food Supplements

Food Supplements Plan based on the naturopathic concept and individual constitution of a patient.


Meridians (pulse of organs)

Analyzes the state of main body organs and systems, and energy of 12 main meridians.



Evaluation of energy in Raja centers (Chakras) involved in the work with internal organs. Creating the model of energy field.


Herbal therapy

Creation of constitutional herbal compositions according to Eastern herbal therapy criteria.



Correction of psycho-emotional disorders (depression, anxiety, asthenia etc.). Selection of essential oils for Panchakarma and Rasayana.


Nutrition and Lifestyle

Making detailed recommendations on constitutionally balanced nutrition and lifestyle.


Meditation (Biofeedback)

Visualization and effectiveness evaluation of different techniques: breathing training (pranayama, Qigong), auto-training, reiki, yoga etc.



Dynamics of main health indices during a specific assessment or comparison of several assessments.

* Amount and type of modules can be changed by customer’s request.

What is the science behind VedaPulse®?


VedaPulse® combined both the achievements of modern science and knowledge of traditional medicine, it became the tool for analysis of functional state and for making personalized recommendations for rehabilitation therapies. It's based on the method of analyzing the heart rate variability. Such method is recommended by European Cardiology Society and North-American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology.

More than 5000 specialists of Ayurveda, TCM and naturopaths from 50 countries all over the world use VedaPulse® in their practice on daily basis.

How it works?

1 Set up the software and connect VedaPulse™ to the computer.
2 Fix clip electrodes on wrists. Register cardio signal for 5 minutes.
3 Program is automatically analyzing the variability of heart rate.
4 Evaluation of functional state and personalized rehabilitation plan is formed.
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World Recognition

Доктор Васант Лад

You are the first scientist who created such an accurate algorithm. Everything that I saw in a patient was detected by your device. I often struggled with different devices that supposedly were working based on Ayurveda medicine, but none of them came up to my expectations or satisfied me. We will surely continue working with you and evaluate my patients in order to write couple articles in Ayurvedic magazines and tell ayurvedic specialists about your device.
May 16th, 2014

Dr. Vasant Lad,
practicing master of Ayurveda,
Director of Ayurvedic Institute and author of the book “Secrets of the Pulse.
The Ancient art of Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis”

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