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Meditation(Biofeedback) – software module was designed to visualize different techniques, such as breathing exercises (pranayama, Qi-Gong), autogenic training, yoga, etc. and to evaluate their effectiveness.

“Meditation (Biofeedback)” includes 4 expert extensions:

"Flower of the heart"

"Cycle race track"

"The Force Awakens"

"Harmony of Chaos"

“Meditation (Biofeedback)”

Choose the scenario "Flower of the heart" and it will run automatically in 15 seconds. Sit quietly during these 15 seconds, don’t meditate. The program will estimate the initial stress level of the heart. Training starts after an auto switching to the mode "Dissolve a flower". Use the heart stress graph or the multimedia scenario "Flower of the heart" to do meditation and biofeedback.

Heart stress graph.
We recommend to start with this simple mode. Imagine that this is a glass of water. When the heart relaxes — the glass fills with water, when there is tension — the water level decreases.

Multimedia scenario "Flower of the heart".
If the heart relaxes, the flower starts blooming. The stronger is the relaxation, the more flowers are there. The number of opened flowers is a measure of the training effectiveness.

Flower of the heart

Game scenario “Cycle race track”. Degree of relaxation defines the speed of a cyclist. User’s task is to overcome the racing excitement and relax. Watch the video to see how it works.

Racer in the red T-shirt is a participant, and racer in yellow – his opponent. The video shows that when the heart rate (HR) is higher than 60, the opponent in the yellow T-shirt leads, and when heart rate decreases, the person in the red T-shirt overtakes. Changes in the user’s heart rate are shown at the bottom of the screen. That is the biofeedback program’s basic idea: relax and decrease heart rate to win (a decrease in heart rate is one of the most important indicators for lowering the heart tension). As a rival — user’s previous result. So, compete with yourself, improve the result and achieve greater relaxation every time.

Expert extension “The Force Awakens” offers to move seven stones using “power of the mind”. This scenario reinforces the will to life and health. The fact is that modern medicine gives the patient a passive role. It requires only following the physician’s recommendations. Passive role destroys all initiative of the patient. At the same time, internal motivation to recover is a powerful force that can help in hopeless situations. Scenario “The Force Awakens” is designated to awaken the hidden reserves of the body.

Stress causes many diseases. This scenario demands to lift the stones with the power of mind, and at first user can feel even greater tense, but it won’t move the stones. The program monitors the heart rhythm and the stones will lift if there is no internal stress. Moreover, don’t try to fall into trance. The goal is to maintain a calm attention, to contemplate lifting stones, and be internally peaceful.

“The Force Awakens”

Software extension "Harmony of Chaos" is related to the dual pair of life and death. Life is the maintenance of internal order in the body, and chaos is the path to illness and ultimately to death. This scenario was designed to perform a meditation and "organize" the body’s proper functioning. It is necessary to harmonize the seven chakras during meditation. First observe the Muladhara chakra and imagine a harmonization of the chakras. If meditation is successful, random motioning comets will organize their flight, gather in a circle and light the supernova on the computer screen. The color of the star matches the color of the chakra. You need to light up the seven stars to adjust the seven chakras.

"Skills of autogenic training, breathing and relaxation techniques are important methods of psycho prophylaxis in the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies. Relaxation techniques teach patients the basics of psycho physiological self-regulation. It allows to reach the state of neuromuscular relaxation, accompanied by a decrease in heart rate and BP by 5-10 Torr, decreased respiratory rate. The most frequently used relaxation techniques are:

  • progressive muscular relaxation technique;
  • autogenic training;
  • breathing relaxation training;
  • biological feedback technique.
Harmony of Chaos

Download and install the latest version of the VedaPulse software to get acquainted with the Meditation (Biofeedback) software module before purchasing it. Run the program in demo mode — without inserting the USB key. It allows to run the demo version with all the latest modules.

Who will benefit from using this module?

Meditation (Biofeedback) module is specially designed for the healthy living, yoga and breathing practice fans.

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