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EHF Therapy

EHF Therapy module is designed for reflexology specialists, who use EHF devices in their practice. It allows creating an individual EHF prescription for the treatment, prevention and health improvement with due consideration of the patient’s constitution, current energy level in the system of channels and biorhythmic activity of acupuncture points.

A few words about the EHF Therapy

EHF therapy is a method of influence with electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequencies (EHF EMR) on biologically active points and zones of the human body for therapeutic and wellness purposes. From a physical point of view, EHF range is associated with the millimeter part of the specter, which corresponds to frequencies from 30 to 300 GHz. EMR EHF is characterized by coherence and low signal intensity, i.e. tissue heating does not exceed 0.1° C during the EHF procedures. Thus, it refers to the methods with non-thermal effect. Non-thermal mechanism of EHF makes it absolutely safe for the patient. Use the frequency with a wavelength of 7.1 mm (42,25 GHz), 5.6 mm (53,57 GHz), 4,9 mm (61,22 GHz) 2,53 mm (118,57 GHz), as well as "EHF-noise" with the range of 40 — 80 GHz for medical and recreational purpose.

For the first time in the world EHF EMR was applied in the USSR in 1960 years, a great contribution to the study of this spectrum was made by a team of scientists under the leadership of academician N. Devyatkov. Monitoring of EHF biological effects has allowed to formulate the basic theories of its mechanism, and here are some examples:

N. Deviatkov and M. Golant proposed a theory, which connects the primary effect of the EHF-radiation with the biological objects’ common structures, such as protein-clinging enzymes, cell membranes etc. These structures have electric dipole moments with the personal frequencies that match with the range of millimeter waves. The impact of external EHF EMR initiates acoustic electric waves in cell membranes. Cell starts generating control signals for restorative and adaptive processes with formation of new membranes and membrane complexes. EHF imitates the internal control signals similar to those produced by the cells under different conditions of vital activity; it provides the efficiency of the EHF EMR influence on animals and humans. [N. Devyatkov, et al., 1987; M. Golant et al., 1987].

According to the works of O. Petrov and I. Betskoy, the primary target of EHF EMR is water molecules. "EHF-pumping" of water in the upper layers of the skin is accompanied by the increase in fraction of rotary-volatile water molecules with high chemical activity. Their collisions with weakly hydrated surface can be the channel for the transmission of excitation into deeper layers of the skin, where aquatic-sensitive input elements of the regulatory system are located. This thermalization of the water molecules dispersed within the surface layers is able to displace the critical parameters of the trigger systems. Change in the degree of the cell membrane protein hydration leads to a conformational changes that affect the ionic transport and activity of ATP-synthesis in the energy-producing membranes. The synthesis of ATP and its accumulation stipulates the physiological effects of stimulation. The ultimate effect on the organism is formed with the participation of neurohumoral system and depends on the irradiation zone [A. Betsky et al., 1989; I. Petrov et al., 1989].

  • Creation of an individual EHF prescription taking into account meridional and constitutional characteristics of a patient;
  • Adjustment of the prescription for more than 200 diseases from the nosological filter, including indications and contraindications for the EHF therapy;
  • Normalization of the functional state while using EHF devices with different effect range;
  • Customization of the EHF method during acute and chronic diseases;
  • EHF prescription for 5 days, including EHF waves of different frequencies;
  • Algorithm of EHF prescription takes into account individual human biorhythms and biorhythmic peculiarities of biologically active points;
  • Interactive acupuncture prescription is designed in the form of the Atlas of biologically active points and zones showing the location of each point and its detailed description in three nomenclatures: English (recommended by the WHO), French and Chinese (with translation to the user’s language);
  • Ability to edit the EHF prescription;
  • Recipe with detailed description and illustrations of biologically active points and zones, which can be saved as a file, printed or emailed to the patient.

Individual recipe is based on the constitutional, meridional and biorhythmic characteristics of the patient. It takes into account both Ayurvedic (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and TCM (Qi distribution in the meridians, open points time) profiles. There are 235 different prescriptions in the nosological filter, which are divided into 2 categories: for acute and chronic conditions. Moreover, by selecting “normalization of the functional state” from the nosological menu. a customized prescription for any default condition is formed.

By using additional equipment, a specialist is able to use telemetric function and obtain all data for the prescriptions and keeping track of the patient’s condition on a distance via special home use device called VedaPulse Home.

It is most effective to use the expert module EHF therapy combined with VedaEHF Device

Our company gives educational webinars, where theoretical and practical questions on the application of the EHF Therapy module are being discussed.

  • Selective “sensitivity” of the body to certain frequencies during various disorders allows achieving one of the most important principles of classical medicine: "Cure not the disease, but the patient";
  • Combination of general effect and exposure on the focus of the disease allows treating " both the disease and the patient";
  • EMR EHF exposure can be combined with any medications or other physical factors;
  • No negative side effects during the sessions.
  • normalization of the immune status;
  • anti-stress effect;
  • anti-edema effect;
  • spasmolytic effect;
  • analgesic effect;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • anticoagulant effect;
  • improvement of microcirculation;
  • stabilization of mood, reduction of anxiety and depression.

Who will benefit from using this module?

"EHF Therapy" is designed for all professionals, who use methods of traditional medicine in their practice and consult on a healthy lifestyle.

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