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"Dynamics" Expert module “Dynamics” is designed to evaluate dynamics of the patient’s functional state in all indexes calculated by VedaPulse.

Expert module has two modes:

Online Dynamics

In order to evaluate dynamics during the assessment, you need to go to “Indices” regime while the signal is being recorded. Regime switch of ECG signal registration window (Signal/Indices) is located in the lower left corner of the screen.
This regime will be useful for specialists, who want to see how the body reacts during therapeutic action. In this regime you will see changes of such important parameters as Total Power, stress index, correlation between mobilizing and restorative powers.

Offline Dynamics

It is mainly intended for studying the dynamics of functional state of the patient during the whole treatment process. It allows comparing several parameters on one graph (for instance, energy of paired meridians). Thus, you can show the consistency in a more informative way. Results are available in graphs as well as in tables and histograms of allocation, which allows analyzing the patient’s state in a more proficient way. It will be especially useful for such specialists, who work with regular patients, which have VedaPulse Home and are regularly sending their assessments via Synchronization option.


To study the dynamics of several assessments, go to the "Dynamics" tab, mark the needed assessments in the list, and select the desired parameters. Charts gets built automatically. It is possible to build graphs on two axes. This is useful in case the parameters change in various and rather wide ranges.

It is important, that you can select any indices and parameters you need, which means that absolutely all the data presented in the modules in the section "Results" would be used to build up the graphs.

Who will benefit from using this module?

"Dynamics" is designed for all professionals, who use methods of traditional medicine in their practice and consult on a healthy lifestyle.

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