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VedaPulse for
Ayurveda Specialists

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VedaPulse for Ayurveda specialist is an objective help in decision-making. The kit is made taking into account the needs of practitioners.

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The package of Ayurveda specialists kit includes: VedaPulse Professional device, electrodes for signal registration, signal cable for connecting electrodes, USB cable for connecting to a computer, USB key, 10 software modules.

For Ayurvedic practice

VedaPulse is the only expert system that allows Ayurveda specialists to conduct an objective analysis of Vikruti (Doshas and Subdoshas balance, Agni Dhatu, balance of Panchamahabhutas, the state of functional systems) and form expert recommendations on lifestyle, personalized diet, aromatherapy, herbal therapy, taking into account the principles of Dravya Guna (rasa, guna, virya, vipaka, dosagnata, prabhava), based on the individual characteristics of a patient’s constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

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Kit contains

More than 5,000 specialists of TCM, Ayurveda and naturopathy from 60 countries all round the world use VedaPulse practically on a daily basis. VedaPulse is ideally suitable for any type of Ayurvedic practice, whether it is Panchakarma treatment or Marma therapy, with herbs or lifestyle adjustment (Dinacharya). You will find the list of software modules for this offer below. They have been carefully selected to help the specialists achieve the best results.

  • VedaPulse Professional device
  • Academic software module (basic software)

    Analyze the heart rate variability (HRV) indicators.

  • Constitution software module

    Analyze the individual characteristics of the client's physiology and make recommendations based on the data obtained.

  • Organ Pulses/Meridians software module

    Assess the state of functional systems and organs, get an automatically generated description of the current pathological syndrome.

  • Bioenergy software module

    Evaluate imbalance in the energy centers (chakras) and their relationship with psychosomatic reactions during psychological counselling, as well as in the dynamics before and after the use of therapeutic methods. Determine the level of restorative potential (resources) of the clients' body.

  • Nidana/Functional diagnosis software module

    Quantify the state of the body's regulatory subsystems controlling certain functions (Subdosha), Dhatu status and the balance of the Five Great Primary Elements according to the theory of Pancha Maha-Bhuta

  • Diet therapy software module

    Form detailed recommendations on a constitutionally balanced diet, taking into account Vikruti and seasonal cycles for a particular patient. Assess the effects of a recipe on the human constitution (Dosha balance)

  • Herbal Encyclopedia software module подарок As a gift

    Make personalized herbal blends for a patient based on the analysis of the current functional state of the patient and mathematical algorithms that take into account the canonical description of medicinal plants.

  • Lifestyle software module подарок As a gift

    Form personal lifestyle recommendations depending on the individual constitutional type (recommendations include daily routine, diet, body care, taste preferences, nature of physical activity, etc.)

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