Successors of Nicola Tesla. Healing Power of the Earth’s Ionosphere


Oleg Sorokin came back from Serbia where he gave a seminar on pulse analysis and upon his return in Novosibirsk, he told one more interesting story. It looks like it is becoming a tradition for him – to bring home a story about peculiarities of a local medicine and share new plans.

VedaPulse software update, February 17th, 2017


List of updates:

  • An automatic regime for setting the duration of RR intervals recording was added.
  • "Organ pulse/Chinese scheme" module was updated;
  • "Aromatherapy" module was updated. We corrected the rating, application description and contraindications;
  • "Food supplements" module was updated for foreign versions of the software;
  • Small changes in "Telemetry" module. Now the message about cards sent doesn't wipe out;
  • Small bugs were fixed.

Upgrade for VedaPulse software from December, 22


The list of free upgrades and optimizations:

- Feature of autoupdate has been added;
- New distributive size is now smaller;
- The following diseases were added to nosological filter;
- Captions to round diagram were updated in Nidana/Dhatu module;
- New essential oils company doTerra was added to Food Supplements module;
- Small bugs have been fixed in the software.

Results of the First International Forum ProPulse – 2016


On November 18th, the oldest hotel in Belgrade “Moskva” opened its doors for our users and partners. Representatives of 18 countries came to Serbia with one goal – to receive deep knowledge about the benefits of the VedaPulse pulse analysis system from the leading developer Dr. Oleg Sorokin and his team, and dive into the world of Ayurveda, pulse diagnosis, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy and modern technologies.

Upgrade for VedaPulse software from November, 9.


List of free updates:

  • “Constitution” module has been optimized;
  • Radial charts for assessing the spectral indices have been added to the module “Dynamics”;
  • “Atlas” tab has been optimized;
  • “Food Supplements” module has been upgraded – company “7 treasures” has been added;
  • “Lifestyle” tab has been optimized in the English and Russian versions of the software;
  • Small bugs have been fixed in the software.

Hands-on workshops with VedaPulse worldwide!


Every year our partners from different countries organize educational seminars where we give lectures for the VedaPulse users and everyone who is interested in our technology. During the first months of the Fall we had educational seminars and workshops in Birstein (Germany), Milan (Italy), Harderwijk (Netherlands), Padua (Italy). Every lecture was unique in its audience and its contents.

3rd International Congress on Ayurveda or European Approach to Healing Through Ayurveda


The next step of our scientific European trip was the 3rd International Ayurveda Congress in Milan, Italy. The Congress was organized by one of the oldest Ayurveda associations in Europe – Ayurvedic Point – founder of which is our friend and renowned expert – Dr. Antonio Morandi. This trip was packing a pool of important meetings for us and we will tell you about them in this article.

VedaPulse Software update, September 30th, 2016


List of free updates and optimizations:

  • Update of “Telemetry” module;
  • Updated list of food supplements of «DIOH» and «VedaHerbs» companies in Food Supplements module of Dutch version of the software;
  • Update of “Dynamics” module.

18th International Symposium on Ayurveda - 2016: The turning point in the history of convergence between provable medicine and Ayurveda.


In September, our team has done a great scientific tour through Europe. The first point of our trip – was the 18th International Symposium on Ayurveda - 2016, which is annually held by the European Academy of Ayurveda.

VedaPulse software update, September 12, 2016


List of free updates:

- Update of the Yoga therapy expert extension;
- corrected some minor software bugs;
- optimized algorithms of rating calculation for food products and essential oils in Aromatherapy and Diet expert extensions;
- Food supplements module added to the multilanguage version of the VedaPulse.

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