Upgrade your VedaPulse system with new modules this June, 15% discount on each of them!


In June, we went beyond the traditional “Module of the month” deal and instead of one, prepared as many as 4 profitable offers for health professionals who work within the framework of integrative holistic medicine approaches and use methods of restorative and relaxing massage, acupuncture and acupressure, leech therapy and reflexology. Use benefits of the June special offer, get new tools to expand your practice and help your patients even more effectively.

Foot massage (Reflexology)

The module provides recommendations on Chinese therapeutic massage of the foot reflex zones.
After the test has finished, the software generates an automatic report that includes:

By stimulating specified zones via massage, you promote self-regulation processes in the corresponding systems of the body. Chinese therapeutic massage of the foot reflex zones is an effective way to prevent and improve condition for many diseases.



This module helps synchronizing internal and external biorhythms of a person. Synchronization of biorhythms allows you to balance the work of the main functional systems of the body (cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, etc.) according to natural biorhythms. In addition, the module defines Points of the Power – day and birthdate – that greatly enhance restorative processes when stimulated, strengthen the immune system and increase stress resistance.

The uniqueness of the software module “Biorhythms” is provided by combination of traditional Chinese medicine techniques and Ayurvedic approach.



By incorporating the module into practice, you will forget about difficulties in finding the biologically active points (BAT) on the ear auricle. Personified acupuncture maps designed for improvement of your clients health are built instantly after running the test.

The module helps performing the following tasks:



The module is designed to create a personified program for stimulation of biologically active points by using various techniques of Rakta Moksha (including classic leech therapy).


Enhance your work with these modules and reveal a new holistic side of your practice!