Hardware and software kit GDV Pulse

Hardware and software kit GDV Pulse combines the features of GDV Bioelectrography method for evaluation of human’s energetic state with the pulse diagnostics for evaluation of the functional status, and allows creating a detailed personalized rehabilitation program based on the constitution type (according to Ayurveda and TCM theories) and leading pathologic syndrome.


GDV method allows evaluating the structure-function state of the body and receiving stable reproducible results in real time.
Many years of research have shown that intensity, character and structure of specific emission of tissues in alternating electric field (GDV glow) depends a lot on the initial state of organs and tissues and specifics of pathological processes.
GDV method is based on the stimulation of photon and electron emissions from the surface of the object whilst transmitting short electrical pulses. For evaluation of the patient’s health status we register the light emission of ten fingers. GDV device is controlled by the personal computer.
Hardware and software kit GDV Pulse includes recommendations for diet therapy, herbal therapy, aromatherapy, physiotherapy (magnetic, laser therapy), acupuncture, auricular therapy, hirudotherapy, Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle in general.

You can upgrade your old GDV-compact into a new one with the Bluetooth module for pulse diagnosis.

Hardware and software kit GDV Pulse allows receiving the following information about the patient:

- Evaluation of energetic and functional status of organs and systems in relation to hypo- and hyper function;
- Level of emotional sensitivity;
- Resistance of the body in general and its separate organs to the environmental changes;
- Evaluation of potential “successfulness” and effectiveness of sportsmen and company employees.


- Individual recommendations for healthy lifestyle, herbal therapy, aromatherapy, diet, based on the constitution type and health status of the person;
- Comparison of the data before and after any treatment;
- Generation and printing of the report based on the data analysis;
- Multi-parameter processing of the statistical data or dynamic GDV images and further statistical comparison of two and more samples of calculated parameters.

We offer each specialist a personalized solution based on their individual tasks and needs:

GDV Pulse for Ayurveda practitioners.

GDV Pulse is an expert system allowing Ayurveda practitioners to perform objective Vikruti analysis (balance of Doshas and sub-doshas, agni dhatu, panchamahabhut, organ pulse) and create expert recommendations for individual diet, herbal therapy, aromatherapy and lifestyle based on individual constitution type (VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) and Dravyaguna principles (rasa, guna, virya, vipak, doshagnata, roga, prabhava).


GDV Pulse for Acupuncturist (TCM specialist).

GDV Pulse is an expert system allowing Acupuncturists (TCM specialists) to greatly expand their diagnostic and therapy capabilities due to personalized approach to every patient.

GDV Pulse for a Director of Wellness center.

GDV Pulse is an expert system allowing a Director of a Wellness center to organize first consultation of the clients, perform express testing of functional state of the body (from a perspective of TCM, Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda) and create rehabilitation programs including such treatments as clinical herbal therapy, diet therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, reflexology massage, physiotherapy. VedaPulse technologies also allow performing remote control of the patient’s rehabilitation process via telemetric option.


GDV Pulse for Food Supplements sales specialists.

GDV Pulse is an expert system allowing a multi-level marketing company consultant to increase profit due to expanding and keeping their consumer network.

GDV Pulse for a Health consultant.

GDV Pulse is an expert system allowing Health consultants to perform express testing of the functional health status of the body, evaluate stress level and create individual recommendations including diet, medicinal herbs, aromatherapy, correction of a lifestyle.


GDV Pulse for Massage and Bioenergy therapist.

GDV Pulse is an expert system intended for evaluation of the bioenergy level of systems and organs. It allows creating a mathematical model of the energy field (biofield) of a person. It also helps creating an individual recipe for reflexology (energetic) massage that includes a visual atlas and description.

GVD Pulse for Yoga instructor (Yoga therapist).

GDV Pulse is an expert system intended for evaluating the functional status and constitution type of a person from the perspective of Ayurveda, and creating an individual program for diet, lifestyle and yoga. It allows quickly and visually demonstrating the effectiveness of yoga exercises and pranayama.


GDV Pulse consists of two blocks, GDV and Pulse. Specialists can choose a package that is optimal for their practice. To see additional extensions for the Pulse block, please visit Expert extensions.

Programs for GDV block

GDV Capture – a program for controlling GDV devices. It is designed for device calibration and capturing of GDV images. It is supplied free with any package of GDV devices.

GDV Diagram – this program is designed for analysis of the functional state of the body. It allows representing the results in the form of round diagrams and as a table, showing organ systems from the perspective of hyper- and hypofunction. This program also allows evaluating the level of emotional sensitivity of a person and his or her adaptation reaction to physical or psychological stress.

GDV Energy field – this program is designed for visual evaluation of pathological state of organs, evaluation of psychosomatic reactions of a person in general and specific organs particularly, as well as for visualization of the human’s energy field in a form of a picture around the human’s contour. It also allows evaluating the energy potential of a person, provides opportunity to view the model of the field in three projections (front and two sides), as well as to compare the data received from several people.

GDV Chakra – this program is designed for measurement of energy level in chakras and distribution of the person’s psychological priorities. The program allows evaluating the response level of chakras to meditation, spiritual and physical practices.

GDV Atlas – is designed for analysis of GDV parameters of functional status of systems and organs in the traditional form of a classic medicine. It allows representing the functional status of the body in multi-level skeletotopy and organotopy forms, visually analyzing GDV images in sectors relating to the chosen organ or system.

GDV Interpretation – this program allows generating and printing text reports based on analysis of numeric data from GDV Diagram. The program also allows adding specific diagnosis and patients’ complaints to the text reports, as well as pictures and comments, which makes the GDV diagnosis similar to a regular examination.

GDV Motivation – is designed for evaluation of priorities and social and psychological needs of the person, evaluation of psychoemotional costs and energy capabilities to perform tasks.

GDV Sport – this program is designed for evaluation of psychoemotional status parameters of a person and evaluation of potential “successfulness” and effectiveness of sportsmen and employees. Based on the calculation of these characteristics, the program determines an individual rating of the person in the group.

GDV Neurotonus – this program is designed for a quick assessment of the functional state of the person’s nervous system (NS) and evaluation of the current psychophysiological state.

GDV Cosmo energetics – this program is designed for presentation of the data in the form of a recommended scheme for the healer session based on cosmo energetics. Cosmo energetics is a knowledge system that studies and uses energy-information interaction in its healing methodology.

GDV Effect – this program is designed for the numerical comparison of two sets of GDV data before and after exposure. The comparison results are presented in a form of a table.

GDV sbj-manager – this system of GDV data control is designed for easy storage and use of all information about patients and their GDV tests.

GDV Scientific laboratory – this program is designed for multi-parameter processing of static and dynamic GDV images and further statistical comparison of two and more sets of calculated parameters. The program uses statistical tests accepted by the world scientific society, as well as has a built-in option for generation of a statistical report of calculations in Word.

GDV Viewer – this program is designed for viewing and visual comparison of GDV images of biological and physical subjects. GDV Viewer allows quickly calculating the parameters of uploaded images and present their numeric values in a form of a table.


- In medicine (mass screening diagnostics of diseases (preventative express-testing); express method of syndrome evaluation of the patients’ state in hospitals, clinics, health and recreation centers; selection of individual treatment methods based on analysis of GDV images; control over the patient’s state during the course of treatment; selection of effective supporting treatment; initial prevention of diseases).

- In the process of professional selection and control of activities of complex systems operators – pilots, cosmonauts, nuclear power station operators, air traffic controllers, etc.

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