Hands-on workshops with VedaPulse worldwide!


Every year our partners from different countries organize educational seminars where we give lectures for the VedaPulse users and everyone who is interested in our technology. During the first months of the Fall we had educational seminars and workshops in Birstein (Germany), Milan (Italy), Harderwijk (Netherlands), Padova (Italy). Every lecture was unique in its audience and its contents.

All seminars are divided in three levels and the complexity of the given material is selected based on how deep the audience knows the topic:

First level is intended for the beginner users and those who is only interested in pulse diagnosis and VedaPulse technology and includes the following topics:
1. Physiological explanation of using the heart rate variability method for evaluating functional state in accordance with the principles of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines;
2. Analysis of the algorithms of objective quantitative evaluation of pathological state of Doshas;
3. Review of the diagnostic capabilities of the VedaPulse using the following expert extensions: Academic, Nidana, Organ pulse, Bioenergy;
4. Analysis of the principles of creating the rehabilitation program using the VedaPulse software for diet, herbal therapy and aromatherapy and other modules of the rehabilitation block of the software;
5. Practical work with instrumental pulse diagnosis.

Lectures in Birstein and Milan were associated with Ayurveda congresses ( 18th International Symposium on Ayurveda and 3rd International Congress on Ayurveda) organized by two Ayurveda associations in Europe.
Distinctive feature of the first level seminars is a big focus on the deep analysis of the academic capabilities of the VedaPulse and study of the theoretical basis of cardiointervalographic method (HRV method) of functional systems.
Overall our lectures were attended by more than 70 Ayurveda specialists from Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Great Britain.

"It was defintely interesting, I was impressed about the possibilities of your device. It would be great to have a kind of "check" with an experienced vedanta expert- like a workshop where we can feel the kapha, pitta, vata pulse and get corrected and thenafter see the test results."

Andrea Loewe
Ayurveda specialist, Italy.

Second level is for the experienced VedaPulse users, includes deeper knowledge of the basics of pulse diagnosis:
1. Widening and deepening of the first level program;
2. Expert filtration of the initial Cardiointervalography data. Non-stationary recording periods requiring deletion as artefacts;
3. Clinical equivalent of the term “SubDosha”. Cardiointervalographic criteria of evaluation of their pathological state. Clinical syndromes related to their changing and basic approach to herbal therapy;
4. Importance of the clinical and instrumental evaluation of AgniDhatu for determining the rehabilitation program; 5. Practical work with the VedaPulse device and studying clinical cases.

"After Dr. Sorokin's seminar, as after a good, deep book, there was a very positive feeling, the confidence in the correctness of the chosen path and realization that in this way I am not one, and that around me there are not just random people, but intellectuals, professionals in their field, open for discussion and always ready to provide all the possible assistance."

Ms. Rosi Crippa
Ayurveda therapist

The next seminar on pulse diagnosis took place in Harderwejke,Netherlands. It was organized by our partner company VedaPulse Benelux in the person of its director – Rob Verheij.
More than 40 doctors and specialists in the field of traditional medicine spent two days studying theoretical basis of the pulse diagnosis and interpreting the results of the VedaPulse assessments during the hands-on workshop.

Everyone noted the depth of the device capabilities and in April 2017 we plan to do a second session of the third level lectures

Third level is intended for experts in the field of traditional medicine and pulse diagnosis and includes:

1. Widening and deepening of the second level program;
2. 2. Analysis of the functional systems state through “Organ pulse” expert extension. Expert criteria of the combined verification of the state during analysis of the “Meridians” and “SubDosha” expert extensions of the VedaPulse software;
3. Analysis of the clinical cases on the example of the constitutional correspondence of TCM syndromes and dual constitutions in Ayurveda (clinical constitutiology). Detailed review of the rehabilitation programs including principles of diet therapy, herbal therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy in each syndrome;
4. Building up practical skills of palpation pulse diagnosis with analysis of the seven levels of the pulse;
5. Analysis of the clinical cases of the students’ patients assessments.

The seminar in Padova (Italy) was organized by our partners, Sitar company - leader in the field of functional medicine in Italy. Functional medicine is a new trend of medicine that appeared during the last decade. It combines pragmatic academic approach and holistic concept of the rehabilitation medicine. Besides traditional aspects of teaching the basics of the pulse analysis and using the VedaPulse device, a big attention was also given to the marketing questions as the seminar was attended not only by the doctors of functional medicine, but also by the sales representatives of the Sitar company from 23 regions of Italy. .

"It was very interesting and useful.A fantastic approach to Health. Everyone should have the possibility to have such a device at home in order o check out his status on a daily basis in order o prevent harm and made one alert and aware of his health. Very good approach – modern technology and ancient science combined in a very special way. If I would make the investment it would be for the basic module plus serval interesting modules.
Nutrition and Herbal Supplements – western and ayurvedic. I also think it would be great to have a full day time or even more. In the afternoon spend time with the various modules. I think it was great to try it out on one’s own computer and the first part was explained very good on how to navigate the system."

Deborah Brooks,
Nutrition Therapist

You will have an opportunity to attend the best lectures of different levels at our International Forum Pro-Pulse-2016 in Belgrade, Serbia.