VedaPulse seminars - 2019: practical knowledge for specialists in traditional medicine.


In the first quarter of 2019, VedaPulse gives one's attention to traditional medicine specialists who use the VedaPulse device.

4 seminars were organized in such cities as St. Petersburg (Russia), Rimini (Italy), Milan (Italy), Belgrade (Serbia). More than 100 seminar participants had the opportunity to touch the knowledge in the theory of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and learn how to use the VedaPulse device to analyze the functional state of a person.

In St. Petersburg, more than 30 seminar participants completed an intensive course on pulse analysis, analysis of patients' health via Ayurveda and consolidated their skills in a workshop with the VedaPulse device, which is indispensable for any specialist who practices traditional medicine.

Of particular interest among the participants of the seminar was the module "Herbal Encyclopedia" and the possibilities that it gives to specialists: select medicinal herbs based on the knowledge of three different schools - Chinese Herbology, Ayurvedic and Western Herbal Medicine, create unique phyto fees for a particular person.

In Italy, at the seminars in Rimini and Milan attended 42 specialists in the field of naturopathy, osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine at one place. However, despite the different specialization, each participant of the seminar acquired useful, unique knowledge and skills for himself, determined which modules from the VedaPulse device would be useful in their future practice.

How to correctly identify the leading pathological syndrome with the help of VedaPulse device at the Vikriti level and form a recovery program based on Prakriti.

How to target the action of herbal medicine to the desired Dhatu and functional system and track the result by pulse. How to verify that Apana Vayu's imbalance is associated with impaired neural regulation of digestive processes in the large intestine with accumulation of endotoxins (Ama) in Asthi Dhatu or a violation of the regulation of secretion and motility in smooth muscle of the uterus with symptoms of algodismenorrhea in Arthava Dhatu, or this can be impaired sphincter tone and smooth urinary tract myocytes with signs of dysuric disorders with impaired Mamsa Dhatu? There are clear criteria on VedaPulse in the module - Nidan / SubDoshas and the module - Pulse of Organs, which we have analyzed in several clinical cases.

We want to highlight the seminar in Serbia, the organizing partner of which was the fourth time the Institute of Quantum Medicine. As the Director of the International Center for Quantum Medicine "Quanttes", Dr. Slavica Arandjelovic, noted, this seminar was the final stage for 26 people who had studied the basics of Ayurvedic medicine for six months as part of the educational course of the Institute of Quantum Medicine.

The final day of the seminar was devoted to the syndromic approach to the treatment of diseases, which, without doubt, is the highest degree of dedication of any specialist in traditional medicine.

The best reward for us is to see the happy specialists who have gained new knowledge and discovered the simplicity of the ingenious solutions that VedaPulse offers.

We thank all the participants of the seminars and look forward to new events!

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