Special offer – get 15% off for 3 software modules in January!


Striving after an effective health improving program for your patients? VedaPulse Professional is the key. Only in January, we have prepared 3 special offers for wellness specialists, working within the framework of integrative holistic medicine. Enhance your practice with the VedaPulse software modules.

The first step on the way to healing is a change or correction of habitual lifestyle. Lifestyle software module is designed to make individual recommendations on the daily routine, nutrition and taste preferences, body care, physical activity, etc. Using these recommendations, you can easily create an ideal daily routine suitable for a particular constitutional type.

Struggling with the selection of functional nutrition for disease correction, based on individual constitution of a person? Food Supplements software module will assist you. It is intended for individual recommendations so as to enrich the body with vitamins and trace elements as part of the formation of a full-fledged diet and more effective correction of diseases, taking into account the individual constitution of a patient.

Proper food selection is the basis of a person's health. Ancient truth is even today - you are what you eat. Diet Therapy is an expert module for automatic compilation of detailed recommendations on a constitutionally balanced diet.

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