How to become a VedaPulse dealer

Image of our business partners:
1. Companies and corporations doing business in distribution of medical equipment on the market of traditional (alternative) medicine.
2. Associations and professional societies working in the field of traditional medicine and naturopathy.
3. Companies selling health related products and working on the principle of MLM marketing (MLM companies).
4. Private specialists working in the field of traditional medicine (herbal therapy practitioners, acupuncturists, diet therapy practitioners, physiotherapists, homeopathic practitioners, hirudotherapy practitioners, massage specialists, etc.) and willing to distribute VedaPulse technology in their professional circles.
Our approach is to create the best solutions for traditional medicine specialists, based on the unique algorithm of evaluating patient’s health by pulse diagnosis method (heart rhythm) using innovative devices and software technologies.
The leader among our products is “VedaPulse Professional” – the hardware and software kit for computer pulse analysis, which expedites the work of specialists in the field of alternative medicine (Chinese traditional medicine, Indian medicine – Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal therapy, Naturopathy in general), and allows serving clients more efficiently, as well as providing recommendations for herbal therapy, reflexology, gymnastics and others.
One of our main achievements is a device for patients called “VedaPulse Home” which allows patients to receive consultations on pulse diagnosis at home and connect with traditional medicine specialists around the world in on-line regime.
In 2014 we have received an international recognition of our technology from world known experts from the USA, Europe and India.
The device is registered in the USA (FDA registration), has all licenses and certificates in Russia, the Certificate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currently, we are in the process of receiving CE certificate (according to the requirements of ISO standard) for EU countries.
We have a strong interest in growing sales on the international market.
We invite you to become one of our partners and consider cooperation opportunities within the project of introducing VedaPulse technology in your region or country.

If you are interested to become our partner, please send your request to our e-mail:

In this request please include the following information:
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